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29 November 2009 @ 08:33 pm
Dear Diary [open tag]  
Kimber sat on the floor of her bedroom, back planted firmly against her closed door.

Clenched in her hands was an old friend she had neglected speaking to in far too long.

Dear Diary,

I just got off the phone from speaking with Sean... To tell you the truth, I really didn't want to talk to him. When I picked up the phone the sound of his voice grated my ears - but now I have his voice replaying in my head like some sort of symphony. I would probably have avoided taking the call if anyone else had gotten the phone, but I picked up, so I couldn't really back out of talking to him...

With the whole Jem-Rio-Jerrica triangle going on, I haven't had time to think about my own triangle... And I guess that's been kind of nice... But at the same time, I need time for myself!! You know, nobody ever offers a spa day or spur-of-the-moment for KIMBER; Aja's idea was fun, but... And going to the spa was sweet, too... Again, BUT... BUT I go there, we do these things and it's NEVER about ME. I wonder if Aja or Shana or Danse or ANYONE ever gets these feelings. Am I the only human in the Holograms?!

I think Stormer's the closest girl to being a real human being that I know, but there are things I still can't tell her, no matter how much I want to get it off my chest.

Too bad talking to Synergy still feels like talking to Synergy, no matter if she can project an imaginary friend... Plus I'm not sure I trust her entirely not to let anything on to Jem. Or Jerrica, for that matter. That could be even more troublesome.

After talking with Rio, I feel bad for him too - but the worst thing is that I sort of feel worse - for me. Rio had the same issues I do - kind of - only HE had the EASY choice. Despite what he's going through now, if he plays his cards right he can still end up with both the women he wants. Although he doesn't know the half of it, he always had the easy decision to make, and he almost can't go wrong... Well, maybe if he'd chosen MY SISTER instead of my LEAD SINGER things would be pretty awesome for him right now... You never know what he might know by now...

I'm rambling. Sorry.

The point is that with both Sean and Jeff I KNOW I don't have anything close to Rio's situation, and it kills me. It kind of worries me sometimes that Jeff and Sean know about each other, but they still stick by me. I mean, that's what I WANT! But am I supposed to be okay with it if the roles were reversed? I don't think I could look either of them in the eye if I knew they were seeing someone else on the side and I was, what...? The back-up plan?

Is that how they feel deep down? Do I need to act like Rio and just make up my mind already??

It felt okay for me to be like this while Rio was being like that, too. His whole deception and liars spiel didn't hurt as much as it used to while I could think to myself, "Yeah, well, buddy you're in the same boat!" Too bad for my conscience he decided to stop sitting in a never-moving boat and actually got his butt into gear and started paddling.

Everyone has seemed to think that maybe Synergy holds the answers... Trying it on Rio, trying it on Anthony... And then there's me: my biggest problem is NOT somebody else's identity; it's my own. And say if I were to gauge Syner-Sean's and Syner-Jeff's reactions... Decide who takes it better...? Well, it's hardly like me to think of the long run - but ever since nearly marrying Jeff (wow, crazy times... Rio scared me for a minute there... I'll never forget the way my heart nearly jumped out of my chest and pelted him when I thought he was proposing to me!!) I guess I've been better at it... Well, in the long run, how do I know how he'll react?? That initial reaction is a huge part of finding out, but... I don't think it necessarily defines us...

I wish Dad were still around - some advice from a real guy, not a machine made by him who has a female persona... Weird me out enough, dad?? - but sometimes I'm happy he doesn't have to be here to see me fumble like this. It'd probably embarass him... Oh, who am I kidding? He's probably spinning in his grave (ew) from everything his daughters have gotten up to since his death.

Maybe he was the one thing keeping a dysfunctional family... functional. I miss him so much. I miss Mom too.

On that topic, though, I never wrote about it, but I'm kind of angry he used Mom's voice for Synergy's vocal patterns... I'm angry because it seems freaky, but I'm more angry because I never even realized. Can I not remember my own mother's voice? It's like he's stolen it from me, because now I know what it's supposed to sound like - I THINK - but I associate it with someone else.

I hate that.

My thoughts are everywhere today. Sorry, Diary.

But back to Sean and Jeff... It WAS good to talk to Sean today. Maybe a date would get my mind off things that aren't entirely my business?

Or maybe it's the last thing I need - it'd bring my thoughts back to MY business, and I'm not up to dealing with both items at once.

Maybe I should phone Stormer? I wonder if it's even possible to word any of Rio's problems in a way that she would never realize what it is I'm referring to - but she could still give advice?

I just need a friend... One who isn't bound in leather...

(Unless maybe it came in male form... Heh... Sorry, Diary.)


Kimber closed the diary with a giggle, then sighed deeply, tucking an arm behind her head and reclining against the pillows on her bed. She could write to Stormer, but she felt too much like getting out of the house and getting fresh air.

She wedged her diary under the mattress and picked up the telephone that she'd been using so recently. Waiting a moment to make sure there was nobody else using the line, she dialed Stormer's number.
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wistful_bluewistful_blue on November 30th, 2009 10:49 am (UTC)
Stormer jumped about a foot and a half when the phone rang, echoing through the currently-empty hallways of Gabor mansion. The other girls were out - something about setting up Jetta's new apartment - and she'd taken the chance to try and bash out that tune that had been rattling around, half-formed, in her brain for simply weeks on end now. So when the shriek of the phone came, she answered it without a thought for who might be on the other end. "Hello?"
 ☜♡☞: kimber ♥ starrabby on November 30th, 2009 07:58 pm (UTC)
Hearing Stormer's voice Kimber faulted for a moment.

"Um... Hi... Stormer? Hey! How are you?" she didn't really know what to say over the phone other than pleasantries. "Ah, hey, Stormer? Would you maybe have some free time today? Just... Get together for a bit? I ah... I just... I hope I'm not being an inconvenience!" she took a breath... Better get to the point. "I guess... I just need a friend to talk to," she finally said.
wistful_bluewistful_blue on November 30th, 2009 10:58 pm (UTC)
Stormer looked at the clock in the music room - she'd said she'd join the others by three, and it was already 2:00... but on the other hand, this was /Kimber/, and she was asking for her. It wasn't like Pizzazz and Roxy couldn't keep themselves entertained without her. It just usually involved a lot more property damage.

"Of course!" Stormer replied aloud, the internal struggle over, for the moment. "I have to be... somewhere... later, but I can meet you somewhere on the way, for sure. Where are you now?"
 ☜♡☞rabby on December 1st, 2009 01:25 am (UTC)
Cursing herself inwardly for not having a drivers' license, Kimber sighed and said, "I'm still at the Starlight mansion, actually... If it's not a good time for you, I mean, we can always do it later..." If at all, Kimber thought. She was getting anxious just thinking about talking about it, and didn't know if she'd be up for it at another point... Then again, who knew.

C'mon, Kimber! she thought. You haven't had a good chat with Stormer in ages. If there's a chance, go for it! Even if we don't talk about anything important...

"If you'd like, I could meet you... Um... Well, I don't know what direction you're going... But if there's somewhere- I could maybe catch a cab...?" She mentally registered what should be in her wallet. Not much, but if it wasn't too far, maybe she could walk home. No heels today, Kimber.

She didn't feel like asking Aja for rides to see Stormer. Truce or no truce, Aja could be rather stubborn, and who knew how she'd react to Kimber's personal calls. Or if she'd tell Jerrica about it. She'd hate that... And if Stormer was on a tight schedule, she didn't want to ask her to come give her a lift.

I'm such an idiot, she thought solemnly. I should have thought this through more... Stormer has more to do in life than help me confront my personal issues.

Still... Every time she thought of just calling it off, she wanted all the more to have a friend who could listen - without bringing things back around to Jerrica's more immediate issues. And she really wanted to see Stormer.

OOC: Sorry this is so disjointed! XD; I'm being totally distracted by school-like things... XD;
wistful_blue: stormer blow this townwistful_blue on December 1st, 2009 01:55 am (UTC)
"Don't be silly!" A /cab/ - really what was she thinking? Stormer giggled at the thought. "I have a car. I'll pick you up." She paused and considered, winding the phone cord around her fingers. Pulling her little sports car up to the Starlight Mansion, despite everything, was still probably not the greatest idea. Not where everyone could see them, anyway. Old habits died hard.

"Um. Is there a place I can pick you up where-" Oh, ugh. It was like they were a cheating couple, or something. "Maybe around back?"

 ☜♡☞: Ai ♥ Kimberrabby on December 1st, 2009 11:46 pm (UTC)
"Oh! That would be great! Are you sure?!" she didn't give Stormer the time to reconsider. "Actually, uh, gimme a sec..." Kimber set the phone down on her bed and peeked out from her bedroom. Aja was sitting in the living room chatting with Shana, but no one else was to be seen. "Actually," she said, picking up the receiver once more, "Maybe I'll meet you by the end of the lane way? By the front gate? I mean - it'd be quicker that way. I'll meet you there, okay?"

Satisfied with their plans, Kimber changed quickly, tripping over herself as she buckled her boots and tried to pull on a light jacket at the same time.

She stealthed her way out the back door, leaving a note on the kitchen counter saying she'd gone out shopping (she might do, depending on where she ended up) and would be back later. Signing off quickly she slid the door open as quietly as she could and slipped out.

OOC: We are SUCH a cheating couple, don't be silly. ;3
wistful_blue: stormer incognitowistful_blue on December 2nd, 2009 12:13 am (UTC)
If the truce was to be believed, and all of the old pranks were forgiven and washed away, then why was Stormer's heart still racing as she draw her little red car up at the end of the laneway that came down from Starlight mansion? There were kids bound to be everywhere on the grounds, kids who would know her - and probably her convertible, too - on sight. She pushed her big sunglasses higher up on her nose as she pulled up, looking for that telltale flash of red hair that would mean everything was ok.
 ☜♡☞: Ai ♥ Kimberrabby on December 2nd, 2009 12:51 am (UTC)
Kimber popped up from adjusting her boots for the umpteenth time, which kept her more or less out of sight from both the road and the house, and grabbed the passenger side door of Stormer's car almost before the other girl realized she was there.

"Hi!" she said a little breathlessly. "Where to?" she added quickly, trying a little too hard not to look conspicuous as she glanced back over her shoulder.

Kimber hated that she felt like she had to keep her friendship with Stormer on the down-low, but more than that she didn't want to have to make excuses for herself to Jerrica - especially if the truce between the rest of them didn't last. One thing that was important to Kimber was that whether or not the truce touched the rest of the girls, or even Kimber's "relationship" with Pizazz, she did NOT want anything to come between herself and Stormer. They'd been through enough together that those sorts of things should be trivial by now. If anything in the truce did go wrong somewhere along the way, she really, really didn't want to have to explain her personal actions - or her personal friends - whether the rest of the band approved or not.

Kimber noted Stormer's sunglasses and how she adjusted them once or twice, and wondered if the other girl sensed her worries. Kimber winced inwardly, thinking, It's good of her to look out for me... But I should just know how to stand up for myself - and my friends - on my own... She felt a little guilty, but nevertheless she was eager to get out of there.

Stormer mentioned the possibility of going to Central Park, and Kimber jumped at the chance.

"Sure! I remember a really great ice cream parlour around there, too, if we have time!"

The car sped up and they were off. Running a hand through her hair and watching the convertible devour the pavement she thought to herself that it wasn't often enough that she got to sit in the front. Always in the backseat whenever Jerrica's involved, she thought a little bitterly. She switched gears though; Stormer was saying something to her.

OOC: Hope you don't mind me making suggestions for your part; lemme know if it's an inconvenience. ;3
wistful_blue: stormer blow this townwistful_blue on December 2nd, 2009 01:30 am (UTC)
"Kimber, are you ok?" Stormer glanced over at the woman riding shotgun, hair whipping around in the wind. She was totally off in her own little universe, and she didn't look too happy to be there. Stormer turned the wheel and slid into a parking spot without bothering to slow down much first, the car stopping abruptly before the fender could touch the low barrier in front of them.

Stormer killed the engine and turned in her seat, curling one leg up under her. Pulling off her sunglasses, she matched Kimber's frown with one of her own. "You sounded kind of down on the phone, and now you're not saying anything at all."

OOC: Nah, that's cool! I think I suggested the park thing in your other thread, anyway. I definitely appreciate you asking, though. :D
 ☜♡☞: Ai ♥ Kimberrabby on December 2nd, 2009 01:52 am (UTC)
Kimber was surprised by Stormer's comment; she wasn't used to being called on her thoughtful moods - maybe it was a kind of positive Misfit trait that the Holograms lacked... She kind of liked that Stormer was forward enough to ask though; it helped get the ball rolling. (With Jerrica, she'd probably keep to herself until one of them snapped at the other.)

"Oh, Stormer! You're so..." She couldn't find the right word. "Observant...?" She ran a hand back through her hair, then scratched her head a little restlessly. "There's just... So much going on. It's hard to even TRY to keep my head with everything going on! There's some stuff I can't really talk about - though I wish I could - but... It makes it hard to talk to the other Holograms about - well - MY problems! You know?" She sighed, trying to make sense of it all. "It's like everyone else is wrapped up in their own problems, and I don't blame them - but sometimes everyone needs someone to just listen to THEM, right? That's why I enjoy writing with you so much; we can both open up -ah- freely..." At the last word she felt a guilty pang; it wasn't entirely true, but it was pretty close. "But before I get into 'me', Stormer, I want to make sure you know that if you ever need to talk to someone - just to get an outsider's opinion, or just to get someone who'll listen to you fully... I'm really here for you, too."

She clasped Stormer's hands tightly as she said it, trying to see past Stormer's sunglasses. She really didn't want to unload her stress at Stormer before she made it clear how much she appreciated being heard, or letting Stormer know that she wanted to be there for her too.

(OOC: The other night I found all this Kimber/Stormer slash! I didn't realize! Now I feel awkward. T_T; Boohoo... Normally I'm fine with that, but it's making my thought process go, "that could be read wrong..." Uhhh... T_T;)
wistful_blue: stormer and kimberwistful_blue on December 2nd, 2009 02:20 am (UTC)
She wasn't used to the effusiveness, or the praise. It felt weird but good, a little window back onto the chance she'd given up, to stay with the Holograms... except it didn't sound like they were treating Kimber any better now than they had then. Stormer blinked, her glasses sliding down her nose to expose her wide eyes, even as she squeezed Kimber's hands.

"I - uh - sure, Kimber," Stormer smiled. "I'll remember that, I promise. I don't know that there's all that much I have to talk about right now, except a little bit of writers' block, but I'm sure it'll pass. It always does."

OOC:LOL! You didn't? It's about as close to canon as they could admit to in the early 1980s! :D These guys are so my OTP, even if Stormer doesn't realize it yet. ;) Also, I'd had her take off the glasses in my previous tag, but I think I like this choreography a lot better so I'm running with your version.
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wistful_bluewistful_blue on December 2nd, 2009 03:04 am (UTC)
OOC: Something's really weird with your tag, my dear... it seems out of order? Or is it me? How are they eating ice cream before sitting down in the booth? My brain hurts. :P
 ☜♡☞: car ♥ loungingrabby on December 2nd, 2009 06:44 am (UTC)
OOC: Is it? **confused** ^^;; I have no idea? As far as I'm aware, though I could be blind and confused, they were in the car, bubblegum pink parlour of DOOM, yadda, ICECREAM. OMNOMNOM?

OH! I SEE IT. That IS weird. I blame school computers; I'll fix it right now. X_x; So it goes where it was supposed to. X_x;;;
 ☜♡☞: kimber ♥ starrabby on December 2nd, 2009 06:49 am (UTC)
Kimber smiled widely at Stormer's aknowledgement, and was glad to hear that Stormer didn't have any stressful issues of her own, too. That made one of them for now.

"Come on, then," she said, gesturing to Stormer to head into the parlour, its bubblegum pink colours beckoning her as much as the delicacies inside. "Let's hurry up so I don't waste your time on an empty stomach," she joked. "I know you said you had somewhere to be, so I should get to it!"

Soon the two girls were seated at a booth ("near the back, if that's alright," Kimber had asked, hoping to keep both of their identities low key and avoid scene or scandal) with their respective treats. (OOC: FIXED)

She leaned over her bowl of cookie-dough and mint-chip, poising her spoon pensively. "Oh, I have no idea where to begin!" The beginning sounded like a good idea, but... It was just so long ago! To be looking back such a long way almost felt unfair.

"I have a problem... With indecision, I guess." she took a spoonful of ice cream and let it melt on her tongue before she continued. Sugar could be a big help in relaxing, she thought, as she swallowed. "Do you remember Sean Harrison? Pizazz apparently used to see him before he cleaned up his image and became a British teen idol... And there was that -uh- scandal... With my diary..." She winced at the memory, hating to bring it up at all with Stormer; she was over that, and had made amends with herself for how she chose to get her feelings out.

OOC: Whoops! I missed that! Sorry! They're MAGIC sunglasses now... **shifty eyes**

I know!! I think the problem is I went ahead and read some and now I feel like I'm seeing it everywhere! XD And it's true; they seem to be the only semi-stable relationship sometimes... Well, no, that's not true; Aja and Shana seem to have the issue under control... But nevertheless! I think the real problem is the fic I was reading... Was unfinished... And unrequited. T_T There was another that was Sean/Jeff, but that didn't get anywhere either. v_v Sigh, sigh, sigh...

P.S. X_X; Sorry, you probably got this twice; some errors in LJ's edit feature... Sorry!!
wistful_bluewistful_blue on December 2nd, 2009 11:00 am (UTC)
Stormer winced herself at the reminder, but not - probably - for the same reasons. It wasn't that she was mean on purpose, it was just that certain things /seemed/ like much better ideas when the other girls came up with them than they always turned out to be afterwards. "I remember," she replied, poking at her strawberry ice cream with her spoon. But this wasn't about her today, and she rested her elbows on the formica tabletop and cupped her chin in her hands, watching her friend.

"So what's the indecision about, this time?" Stormer asked, not entirely sure she wanted to hear the answer. Kimber couldn't possibly be thinking about getting engaged again, could she? "There's nothing wrong with not knowing exactly what you want, sometimes."

OOC: Ahhh, NOW I understand! XD And apologies in advance - I'm in the theatre with only my Blackberry for access this afternoon and evening and then for the next few days, so replies will get slower from my end.
 ☜♡☞: Ai ♥ Kimberrabby on December 3rd, 2009 12:12 am (UTC)
Kimber swished her icecream around, mixing brown with green.

"Well, the thing is... There's someone... else. And he's really nice! His name is Jeff, and he's a stuntman - he saved my life once..." That wasn't really a convincing argument - a few people had managed to do that... "And he's - well... He's special, too. And I'm kind of... seeing them both..." she mumbled the last part, embarassed.

She looked up quickly, though. "They both know, of course! But... Maybe that's part of the problem... They're both okay with it... Well - Jeff got into a fight with another guy once... when I was seeing him, too... Ohh..." she clutched her head and shook it.

"What's wrong with me Stormer?? I seem to always have two great guys I'm really, truly interested in... But there are TWO of them! I know it's not right, but... But I like them both..."

And sometimes, she thought, I can't stand the thought of either of them... She wondered how to bring THAT up...

OOC: No worries~!!! And sorry about that blooper! ;3
wistful_blue: stormer and kimberwistful_blue on December 3rd, 2009 03:10 am (UTC)
Stormer was forever being accused - by Craig, by Roxy, by everyone, really - of wearing her heart on her sleeve, and now was no exception. A look of dismay flitted across her face at Kimber's revelations, though whether it was about the number of boys or something else entirely, she'd never have ben able to explain. "Oh, Kimber," she began, then trailed off. The absolute last thing Kimber needed was someone else judging her, especially after that big speech about how they could always count on each other to listen.

"Maybe," Stormer began, the pink mess in her bowl forgotten as she sat watching Kimber, "maybe not being able to decide is what's trying to tell you something? I mean," she hesitated, then shrugged. "Craig's always saying that 'if you can't choose which options is right, it's probably because none of them are'. he was saying it about something different," she waved her hand dismissively, "but it applied to lots of things.

"There's lots of other guys out there, Kimber," she continued, growing more sure of herself as she spoke. "Just because Jerrica's still dating her boyfriend from high school doesn't mean you have to find someone right now, too. We've got all the time in the world."
 ☜♡☞: kimber ♥ starrabby on December 3rd, 2009 03:35 am (UTC)
Kimber sat, dumbfounded as she listened to Stormer. She'd never really considered that despite there being no rush to make the choice... that perhaps there was... another choice...? She'd loved talking music and compositions with Sean - and so too she did with Stormer - but with Sean there was a certain glamour of romance.

And she loved the dangerous side of Jeff that made him so different from any of the holograms or other guys she knew - though again, Stormer was kind of like that. Kind as she was, she was still a mischevious Misfit; it was a part of who she was, and Kimber was fine with that.

The more she thought about it, a lot of the aspects of her friendship with Stormer were the aspects of what she loved in Sean and Jeff...

So... why couldn't some other guy have all those traits? Then there WOULD be no indecision... Right...?

"Wow, Stormer... I really never thought about it that way..." was all she could say for the moment. That whole relevation kind of took her breath away.

OOC: ... Oh, Stormer. You fill all the voids in my life!! XD; It IS OTP. XD;;;
wistful_blue: stormer hate my jobwistful_blue on December 3rd, 2009 03:46 am (UTC)
Stormer sat back in the booth, playing with her spoon a little. "It's just something I've been thinking about lately," she confessed. "Choices, I mean. Ages ago, Jerrica made me an offer... to come and join the Holograms?" she knew Kimber wouldn't have forgotten that - it was the months before it that had started, well, everything. "And I said no. And back then, I meant it, and I still kind of do," Stormer shrugged uncomfortably. "The Misfits are my family. But - like I'm sure everybody's heard by now - we fired Eric, and there was a bunch of trouble that means we don't have a label anymore. Except for Pizzazz's studio, and you can probably guess how that's going."

It was uncomfortable broaching the subject, even with Kimber - this was really getting into 'show your soft white underbelly' territory, and Stormer's instincts - one for self-preservation and privacy and the other yearning to be udnerstood and heard - were entirely at war with each other. "So I've been thinking, and wondering - do you think Jerrica could ever be convinced to take us on? I mean, all of us? As a band under Starlight Music?"

OOC: snickersnort XD! (ok, a little tired + punch-drunk here...)
 ☜♡☞: kimber ♥ starrabby on December 3rd, 2009 06:18 am (UTC)
Choices. Seemed to sum up just about everybody. The world was a decidedly small place.

Kimber squashed her initial surprise - though she did manage to bite her tongue in doing so - at Stormer's admission. The Misfits were seriously considering backing with Starlight Music? She could see the truce as being a fair excuse for it to seem like a normal choice, but it still felt... Wrong.

It wasn't that Kimber didn't want Stormer (and admittedly, it was more Stormer that she was thinking of than the other Misfits) under the same label - in the family, so to speak. It was that it clashed so much with the Misfit's image.

"Are things... Really that bad?" she ventured. Certainly, the Misfits hadn't been at the top of the charts in a while - but that wasn't because of any lack of talent. Particularly while Stormer was writing their music for them. But she couldn't remember the last time she saw ANY advertising for The Misfits, and advertising had a lot to do with making it. Even for a band as established and successful as The Misfits.

"Eric's a big spot of trouble, that's for sure- but he did pull you guys through a lot of rough spots, I guess. I'm honestly not sure what Jerrica would say - I can pretty much assure you that it wouldn't be a decision she'd take lightly, and to tell you the truth... Well..." she almost whispered the next part, afraid of revealing too much. "She's under a lot of stress right now... If it was you - just you, I mean - you know it'd probably be a different story. But I get that the other Misfits are your band - your team, even your family. And it's hard to break away from that - and it doesn't sound like you want to anyway."

Kimber bit her lip as she thought. She'd once staked her portion of Starlight Music on hers and Stormer's combined musical success. She wondered now - as she hadn't before - just how much her stake in the company meant.

"I think that you're smart to look at all your options... And if you guys do approach Jerrica on this - just don't tell her I said anything, or you might just as well shut the door in your own face. I don't think she takes too much stock in what I have to say when it comes to company decisions... And I'm worried about what it would do to the Misfit 'image' so to speak. Truce or no truce, it's always almost been good publicity that our bands feuded for so long... What if your fans think you're turning bubblegum on them?" She nodded at the interior of the ice cream parlour. "Not that there's anything wrong with bubblegum. Jem's hair is practically made of it, right?"

Kimber sighed heavily. "Look at me babble," she said, rolling her eyes. "If and when you guys think that the time is right, you should approach her. You guys have some great music - it's even helped me though some tough times to listen to something more rebellious than 'I love you' - and I'm the one who writes that stuff! Stormer, you have a knack for capturing the bad girl vibe that lives inside all of us - and I for one think that the world needs that. So you guys should cover all your bases. But one thing you might want to consider... And I hate saying this - it might sound like I don't want you in, but that's not it. It's about your band's reputation... Is that..." she gulped a spoonful of mint chocolate chip before continuing...

"Eric Raymond had a very clever idea when he decided to set up Stinger's Sound. A label under a label. Heck, most people don't even know! What I'm wondering is if the same thing could be done for the Misfits... Because something about "Misfits" and "Starlight" just sounds weird.

OOC: Hope that wasn't too rambly for you. You really got Kimber thinking!
wistful_blue: stormer hate my jobwistful_blue on December 4th, 2009 07:15 pm (UTC)
"No, you're right-" Stormer sank down in her chair, backing off from her original enthusiasm. "I had thought, maybe, with everything supposed to be better now..." and with all of them working together under one name, how bad would it have been to maybe make some real, open friendships?

"It wouldn't work anyway. Just wishful thinking, I guess." Though if it /had/ worked, then she wouldn't have had to give any kind of serious thought at all to Eric Raymond's offer from earlier that week, the implications of which were still making her head spin whenever she tried to think about it. "Even with ... everything... that's gone wrong for you guys in the past," Stormer sighed, deliberately not taking any responsibility for the Misfits' roles in most of them, "Jerrica really seems to have it all together as far as the business end of things goes. I guess I admire that."
 ☜♡☞: Ai ♥ Kimberrabby on December 4th, 2009 10:30 pm (UTC)
Kimber watched Stormer's enthusiasm fade and felt immediately responsible.

"I don't think it's a bad idea! Just that to keep your band's reputation - which I think is important to your fans - there's just some gimmicky schemes that need their strings pulled, you know?"

The more she thought about it the more she thought it could work - if Starlight Music had a sub-label of their own for more rebellious or risky music to fall under. Starlight was massing up enough debts as it was - the economy just wasn't in anyone's favour. They could probably use the extra income of the Misfits' fanbase. But ... Would Jerrica accept the kinds of messes that sometimes still dogged the Misfits' paths? She'd heard Jerrica mutter something about a trashed hotel room bill being bounced over to Starlight. That was the kind of behaviour Jerrica wouldn't accept from her bands. Was there a kind way of saying that?

"As much as I just pointed out Eric Raymond's one and only good point, I have something to admit to you; he forwarded some hotel bills of the Misfits to Starlight, and so Jerrica kind of... Knows that things don't always go smoothly everywhere...? I know she won't be responsible for those kinds of costs if she did take you guys on... Not that I'm saying you did anything!" she added quickly.

All of this was making Kimber think more and more, though... She'd never really considered doing much with her half of Starlight Music. She was pretty happy to have Jerrica take care of that end of things, and to just sit back, write her music, and be so fortunate as to perform it, too. But was it possible for her to - if worse came to worse - force a sub-label onto Starlight Music by using her claim on her half of the company? That wasn't how she'd want things, though - if it were to work, it would have to be a collaboration. A sister-label almost... she thought. She didn't want to punch any more holes in her relationship with her sister than there already were - let alone get on the Holograms' bad side, since they're probably side with Jerrica on any big company decisions.

It was a lot to think about.

"I still think you should ask if you need to," she said finally. "But sometimes I really wish I had her business sense too..."
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"Maybe," Stormer hedged. "I'm still nervous about approaching her, though. Do you really think she'd listen to me? I know Shana really doesn't trust me still, and I guess I don't blame her. I haven't done a lot to earn it."

She sat back for a moment, an odd expression crossing her face as she looked at Kimber. "Listen to me," Stormer broke the moody tension with a rippling run of giggles. "The girls were right; no wonder I haven't been able to write Misfits lyrics that are any good at all lately. You are a very bad influence on me, Kimber Benton."