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21 June 2010 @ 12:21 am
Mending Bridges - Open Holograms  
They'd been there for a moment and by the time that he'd gone and returned to the Auditorium the girls had just gone and disappeared on him. At first he'd wondered if they were playing some sort of prank on him. After all their last Halloween concert had been anything short of non-eventful and while he'd been concerned at first, by the time that he'd gone and reached the Hologram's dressing room he was more mildly irritated. They were wasting precious time, time that could be spent doing other things that didn't involve hanging around places where it was only a matter of time before he ran into her. Of course he wasn't sure which girl to name at this point. He was pretty much not looking forward to running into Jem or Jerrica, as both girl seemed pretty peeved off at him, with good reason too.

After all, what he'd done to Jerrica had been harsh. Perhaps WAY to harsh considering that while he was indeed attracted to Jem; the feelings he had for Jerrica were far more stronger. The history between himself and Jerrica had more substance than anything he might have had with Jem and yet at the same time, most nights it was Jem he couldnt' get out of his head. There was no hope in saving this sinking boat he was on, and Rio knew that time was slowly ticking by. Soon he'd be at a point where neither girl would speak to him and then he'd have no hope of salvaging anything.

But for the time being Rio wanted to focus on getting this rehersal going and than naturally meant getting Jem and the Holograms on the stage. Reaching their dressing room he could hear the muffle voices from within and then of course the silence that befell on the girls after he'd knocked. "Are you guys coming sometime this year?" He was trying to keep the tone of his voice and light, fully aware that he was treading enemy waters.
miss kaytastic: jem - new look4orange_pearl542 on June 21st, 2010 06:37 am (UTC)
It shouldn't have gone so quiet. After all it wasn't as if they were hiding anything more than usual, but with everything still on such shaky grounds were Rio was concerned, Jerrica could understand why everyone was pretty much holding their breaths, herself included. But if they were going to move past this point, then the show had to go and, which meant that they had to get to a point where they could tolerate one another. They were after all still buisness partners.

Glancing around the room Jerrica; still hidden beneath the Jem hologram took a deep breath before walking slowly over to the door and slowly pulling it open, letting her gaze drift over Rio quickly before giving him what she prayed was a convincing smile. "Of course. We were just going over a few last minute plans. Choice of music and all that jazz. Right girls?" She added, mostly because since she'd gone and opened the door, Rio's gaze hadn't left her at all.

Not sure if it was because he was trying to place the new additions to the Jem hologram, or if he truly thought he could see the resemblance to Jerrica and then of course the last scenario could simple be that he was just soaking up being in Jem's presence. After all Jem had stuck on Jerrica's side with the fight and whatnot. Either way it was making her far more uncomfortable than she thought it would have, and she found herself glancing over her shoulder again, before clearing her throat. "Perhaps we should go now?"
rose_red5: Shana3rose_red5 on July 22nd, 2010 12:53 am (UTC)
Shana told herself to breath normally so Rio wouldn’t think something was wrong. Nothing was wrong everything was fine. If she told herself that everything would be ok. She looked over at Rio who was looking at Jem. She tried to read he’s face he looked a little annoyed and something else something that Shana couldn’t read and that made her anxious.

She and the other’s followed Jem out of the dressing room and on to the stage. Rio eye’s never left Jem. Shana picked up her guitar.
“What song do you all want to start with?” Shana asked to brake the tension.