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02 August 2011 @ 11:11 am
Starlight Music [Constantine, Jerrica]  
It was a fine balancing act, looking like a proper pop musician without looking like the kind of guy who would trash a hotel room just for the hell of it, or leave a trail of pregnant groupies in his wake. He'd spent the morning at the laundromat, washing his best jeans (the ones without any holes or patches) and washing and sewing up the few tiny holes that had accumulated in his red pullover. He'd been tempted to pull out his flashiest clothes for this, but something told him that maybe that wasn't the way to go. Yes, this was another performance, but while Starlight Music represented one of the most flamboyant acts out there (second only to the Misfits), he wanted to come off as someone you could depend on if you hired them.

Because try as he might, the money was starting to run low. A decent paying gig as a studio musician could be a good start, anyway. Build Ms. Benton's trust in him, wow her with his skill, then break out big.

Besides, the green and gold snakeskin pants had developed a rather unfortunate hole, and he didn't really have the skill to repair it in time.

He sat in the waiting room to Ms. Benton's office, fingers occasionally caressing his guitar case as if to assure himself that it was still there. He was good, he knew he was good, and Kimber Benton liked his music. All he needed was this foot in the door. He would wow Jerrica Benton, and he would be a star.

His demo tape felt heavy in the pocket of his denim jacket. The quality, he knew, was not good; recorded live almost six months ago. But it would have to do. And he could always give her a live performance. No reason to panic. Not at all.
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The Mad Fan Girl: 15fullmetal_cute on August 5th, 2011 05:54 am (UTC)
[OOC: No worries!]

Constantine rose to his feet in a move that was, thankfully, smooth and easy. He crossed the waiting room and extended his hand, smiling. "Ms. Benton, thank you for seeing me. I know this is probably a bit different from how you usually see new talent."

In person, she really was a lovely woman. The few pictures and interviews Constantine had been able to find featuring Jerrica Benton really didn't do her any justice; it probably didn't help that she was often overshadowed by Starlight Music more public face, Jem. Compared to the famous singer, it would be easy for anyone to fade into the background. Jem was a brightly plumed songbird, while Jerrica was respectable and businesslike, though certainly not in any way dowdy.

Compared to her, Constantine was starting to feel more than a bit shabby.
miss kaytastic: jerrica5orange_pearl542 on August 19th, 2011 08:49 pm (UTC)
[ooc: i fail. sorry dear.]

It was true. This was definitely not how Jerrica was used to seeing new talent come threw her office but seeing as Kimber had put in a good word, it wasn't as if Jerrica couldn't take a moment or two out of her busy schedule. Not to mention, she was actually hoping to see some new blood in the industry. Since the holograms, there really hadn't been anything new and that was a sort of sad thought in itself.

"Why don't we move into my office and we can get things underway?" Jerrica offered, a kind smile finding it's way onto her lips. She really was looking forward to seeing just what he could do and if her sister's enthusiasm was based on more than finding him a little bit attractive. Which Jerrica had to admit she could see. Not that she was looking for anyone right now. There was enough boy issues between Jem, Herself and Kimber to last the Benton girls for a while.

Having started to walk back over to her office door, Jerrica glanced back over her shoulder just to make sure she hadn't lost him during the quick - but short, trek from the waiting room. "Come on in I don't bite."
The Mad Fan Girlfullmetal_cute on August 19th, 2011 11:01 pm (UTC)
[OOC: I am the LAST person to complain about anyone taking a while; all things in time.]

"Of course." Constantine followed the blonde into the office, palming his demo tape. He sat in one of the chairs on the far side of Jerrica's desk and produced it with a little magician's flourish, as if he had plucked it out of thin air, smile still in place. He gestured towards his guitar, case propped up at his side. "I can also play it live for you, if the quality is half as bad as I suspect it is," he said with a little self-deprecation.

"I'm not sure how much Kimber told you about me, so I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have."