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Fallen Angels Bar [Misfits, any OCs, any Canons who haven't written in a post yet]

Pizzazz, Roxy, and Stormer entered the dimly lit bar, immediately coming in contact with the low-hanging cloud of cigarette smoke. On one wall there was an immense mural Dias de Muerto style, with the bar’s name scrolled across. And on the others were local band posters, some graffiti, and chipping paint. The sounds of balls clacking could be heard coming from the back room.

“Is this a great place or what!,” Roxy exclaimed eyeing the bartender. It was like being back in Philly. A home away from home, if you will. No polished heirs or privalidged brats would be in this place. Just some good ‘ol cheap booze and a jukebox.

“it’s better than I imagined.” She then led Stormer and Pizzazz to the bartender, “First round on me, what are ya havin’?”
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Plans, Plots, and one Poor Unfortunate Soul [Open to all Misfits]

The very expensive vase had already been swept up, the mark it had made on the wall when it had been thrown already patched up. Anyone who'd never seen the vase where it had sat would never have known it had been there at all, let alone that it had been reduced to a pile of worthless shards during one of Pizzazz's fits of temper.

She was not happy, not at all. Of course, the source of her rage was already well out of reach; another very important business trip that Harvey Gabor absolutely had to take. No time to deal with Pizzazz, and anyway how many girls could say their father had bought them a lawyer.

A lawyer.

You can use this, Pizzazz reminded herself. She just needed to remember all the things Eric Slimeweasel Raymond had pulled off with his lawyers. And Daddy wouldn't give her a bad lawyer. But did it have to be Cousin Galadrial? Really?

She barely remembered her cousin, to be honest. She'd been years older than Pizzazz, and completely lame and boring.

She could not stand boring people.

Riot's Return [Eric, Open to anyone at Eric's place right now]

Cornsilk blonde hair blew in the dry Claifornia air as he realized the number Eric gave him to Jetta's new place was either a dud, or was simply being ignored. Was someone tying up the line? Or was it coincidence that someone was calling the number at the same time? Whatever the case, its busy signal was annoying.. Slightly irritated by the inconvenience, Riot ran a perfectly manicured hand through his coif of flawless, long locks. The sun shown bright today, and made his golden covertible gleam as if from another world. And its passenger, tanned to the perfect darkness in a white opened shirt, appeared like an angel atop a heavenly craft, enveloped in pure light.

He hung up the phone perturbed, but happy to be back in town. It seemed like Eons ago he signed the deal with Eric to found Stingers Sound record label, and equally as long since he had been on the streets of Germany performing for pennies. He had come a long way since then; being thrown out by his father, living on the streets, scraping for something to eat everyday. And he never intended to forget it. But throughout the entire struggle he never lost his love for the music, he never forgot the romance of it. It was this reason his band's name meant so much to him. The sting of love, whether that love be beneficial at the moment or not, he wanted to be the one stinging hearts. But it was Jem who stung his heart this time. No matter what he did she stayed on his mind.

As Riot pulled to a stop on the semi-crowded Venice Beach strip, a group of bikini clad, roller-skating teens sqeeled and skated towards his car, which was stopped at a red light.

"Oh my God it's RIOT!" One girl gasped as her friends swooned behind her.
Riot lifted an eyebrow over his shaded eyes and managed to crack a smirk. "What can I do for you ladies?"
"Uhhhhhh.." The second girl was completely star struck, but the third spoke up.
"We don't have anything for you to sign, but we love your music!"
The second girl screamed, "We love YOU!" and reached over the passenger side car door to hug Riot. The other two followed and this made Riot giggle aloud. "I love you too," Riot said in that enchanting murmur his fans knew so well.

By this time, the girls had caused such a comotion that the other beach-goers were starting to investigate what was going on. One by one the people began to realize what super star was in their midst, and began crowding around the car. But this made Riot neverous, especially being here without Minx and Rapture. He missed them and was anxious to join forces once again. He proceeded to kiss the girls cheeks and thank them for their kindness, and then tried driving his way out of the crowded strip. People were extending their hands into the car, and Riot tried to shake as many of them as he could before speeding off.

"Oh wow, it's Riot from The Stingers! That guy's tops!", he could hear one guy shout as he left the crowd behind him.

Before long Riot had reached the city streets of Los Angeles. He picked up the phone once more and dialed Eric. He was a bit nervous calling him so nonchalantly after leaving without a word, but he had to get away from everything for a little while. The concerts, the fans, the constant demand of a second (just as successful as the first) album, the rejection from her... life was getting to be a bit over-whelming, and he needed to leave to clear his mind. He had no intension of leaving any of it behind, but just needed some clear time and space to think and sort everything out. The phone rang and he hoped he could pick up where he left off. The phone rang once more, then he heard someone pick up on the other end...


[OOC: Sorry it took me so long to write something for Riot, I wanted to be sure I could write a proper entrance for a member that never got the chance to make an appearance here..  :)]

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Starlight Music [Constantine, Jerrica]

It was a fine balancing act, looking like a proper pop musician without looking like the kind of guy who would trash a hotel room just for the hell of it, or leave a trail of pregnant groupies in his wake. He'd spent the morning at the laundromat, washing his best jeans (the ones without any holes or patches) and washing and sewing up the few tiny holes that had accumulated in his red pullover. He'd been tempted to pull out his flashiest clothes for this, but something told him that maybe that wasn't the way to go. Yes, this was another performance, but while Starlight Music represented one of the most flamboyant acts out there (second only to the Misfits), he wanted to come off as someone you could depend on if you hired them.

Because try as he might, the money was starting to run low. A decent paying gig as a studio musician could be a good start, anyway. Build Ms. Benton's trust in him, wow her with his skill, then break out big.

Besides, the green and gold snakeskin pants had developed a rather unfortunate hole, and he didn't really have the skill to repair it in time.

He sat in the waiting room to Ms. Benton's office, fingers occasionally caressing his guitar case as if to assure himself that it was still there. He was good, he knew he was good, and Kimber Benton liked his music. All he needed was this foot in the door. He would wow Jerrica Benton, and he would be a star.

His demo tape felt heavy in the pocket of his denim jacket. The quality, he knew, was not good; recorded live almost six months ago. But it would have to do. And he could always give her a live performance. No reason to panic. Not at all.
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The New Kid In Town [Tag anyone who feels like discovering the new talent]

On the whole, Constantine decided, it was a good night.

The energy in the club was a bit on the quiet side, calling for something somber and soul touching; he could do somber and soul touching. One of his cousins had often accused him of having a voice made for tender ballads and eyes like a sad puppy looking for a home. He could do a primal rock scream with the best of them, when needed, but this wasn't one of those nights. He kept up a steady stream of music, backed by The Scene's house musicians (The Limp Lizards were on tour at the moment, which was the only reason he got on to the stage at all), moving from romantic ballad to a lament for love that nearly destroyed the soul...

"Let me tell you `bout a woman that I met in New Orleans
When I was younger and still had a taste for wine
She left me many years ago, but still she rides with me
You know I keep her in the corners of my mind..."

Then he drifted in to one of his few instrumental pieces, leaving his audience with a slightly obscure joke before his dinner break.

"Nobody expects the Spanish Imposition."

Then he slipped off the stage, stomach wrapping around his spine and threatening revolt if he didn't get something in there right now.

In stitches. (Shana shopping for material for costumes. Open to anyone)

 There was something about the fabric store (all fabric stores) that always calmed Shana. Perhaps it was the distant memories she had of shopping with mother. She learned sewing from her mother and later Jacqui Benton had helped her fine tune her sewing and encouraged her to design her own outfits.

Designing outfits had been relatively easy, but finding the fabrics to match what she had in mind wasn't. But she had been lucky so far in finding the right fabric for Kimber's costume, hopefully she'd be as lucky in finding right materials for the other costumes.

As a rule Shana always made Jem's costume last. That way if she run out of time Synergy could project the finished costume over Jem. Also there were times when she had finished Jem's costume and Jem had Synergy project the costume over her since she had to be there was Jerrica as well. And then there were time when Synergy projected Jerrica's normal clothes over her. 

Shana sighed and shook her head as made her way over to the lame section looking for just the right color. 
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The Rat's Nest [Techrat][Tag anyone who would know about Techrat]

Things had been... quiet. Normally, Techrat wasn't the kind to be upset by peace and quiet in his lair, but (loathe as he was to admit it), it had been way too long since Eric Raymond or his pet harpies had come stomping about, interrupting his work to demand some shiny new gewgaw so they could upstage Jem and the Holograms.

Techrat didn't like Eric Raymond, and he hated Pizzazz and her cronies, but Raymond always paid him on time, and paid him well for his time and efforts. So, to keep his own projects financed, it was important that Eric Raymond kept coming to him.

Quietly, Techrat gathered up the piles of discarded fast food wrappers, dropping them in a corner with the rest of his garbage as he chewed over his thoughts, not liking at all where they might be leading.

Mending Bridges - Open Holograms

They'd been there for a moment and by the time that he'd gone and returned to the Auditorium the girls had just gone and disappeared on him. At first he'd wondered if they were playing some sort of prank on him. After all their last Halloween concert had been anything short of non-eventful and while he'd been concerned at first, by the time that he'd gone and reached the Hologram's dressing room he was more mildly irritated. They were wasting precious time, time that could be spent doing other things that didn't involve hanging around places where it was only a matter of time before he ran into her. Of course he wasn't sure which girl to name at this point. He was pretty much not looking forward to running into Jem or Jerrica, as both girl seemed pretty peeved off at him, with good reason too.

After all, what he'd done to Jerrica had been harsh. Perhaps WAY to harsh considering that while he was indeed attracted to Jem; the feelings he had for Jerrica were far more stronger. The history between himself and Jerrica had more substance than anything he might have had with Jem and yet at the same time, most nights it was Jem he couldnt' get out of his head. There was no hope in saving this sinking boat he was on, and Rio knew that time was slowly ticking by. Soon he'd be at a point where neither girl would speak to him and then he'd have no hope of salvaging anything.

But for the time being Rio wanted to focus on getting this rehersal going and than naturally meant getting Jem and the Holograms on the stage. Reaching their dressing room he could hear the muffle voices from within and then of course the silence that befell on the girls after he'd knocked. "Are you guys coming sometime this year?" He was trying to keep the tone of his voice and light, fully aware that he was treading enemy waters.

Waiting for the Others to Arrive

I am in the music room at my house waiting for the other Misfits to arrive. The music room was just a 2nd bedroom with blue floor and the walls are white. It is the most quiet place in the whole house. I am working on my sax. My hair is blowing with a fan I have on the floor.

Then I heard a knock at the front door. I left the music room to answer the door. It was Pizzazz and Roxy at the door. Roxy found the couch and crashed on it. Pizzazz just looked around. “What’s up, Yank?” I asked her. “Nice place you got here, Jetta! She replied. “We should have a house warming party.” Roxy added, trying to be nice. I kind of liked it. “We can set it up later.” Pizzazz said.

“Ok, lets get down to business. Who wants to sign with Starlight Music?” I asked the other Misfits. “I do!” Roxy said. “I don’t know yet!!” Pizzazz yelled. “Well I do!! I said. “Jerrica has been very nice to us since the truce.” I continued.


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