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08 August 2011 @ 02:20 pm
Riot's Return [Eric, Open to anyone at Eric's place right now]  

Cornsilk blonde hair blew in the dry Claifornia air as he realized the number Eric gave him to Jetta's new place was either a dud, or was simply being ignored. Was someone tying up the line? Or was it coincidence that someone was calling the number at the same time? Whatever the case, its busy signal was annoying.. Slightly irritated by the inconvenience, Riot ran a perfectly manicured hand through his coif of flawless, long locks. The sun shown bright today, and made his golden covertible gleam as if from another world. And its passenger, tanned to the perfect darkness in a white opened shirt, appeared like an angel atop a heavenly craft, enveloped in pure light.

He hung up the phone perturbed, but happy to be back in town. It seemed like Eons ago he signed the deal with Eric to found Stingers Sound record label, and equally as long since he had been on the streets of Germany performing for pennies. He had come a long way since then; being thrown out by his father, living on the streets, scraping for something to eat everyday. And he never intended to forget it. But throughout the entire struggle he never lost his love for the music, he never forgot the romance of it. It was this reason his band's name meant so much to him. The sting of love, whether that love be beneficial at the moment or not, he wanted to be the one stinging hearts. But it was Jem who stung his heart this time. No matter what he did she stayed on his mind.

As Riot pulled to a stop on the semi-crowded Venice Beach strip, a group of bikini clad, roller-skating teens sqeeled and skated towards his car, which was stopped at a red light.

"Oh my God it's RIOT!" One girl gasped as her friends swooned behind her.
Riot lifted an eyebrow over his shaded eyes and managed to crack a smirk. "What can I do for you ladies?"
"Uhhhhhh.." The second girl was completely star struck, but the third spoke up.
"We don't have anything for you to sign, but we love your music!"
The second girl screamed, "We love YOU!" and reached over the passenger side car door to hug Riot. The other two followed and this made Riot giggle aloud. "I love you too," Riot said in that enchanting murmur his fans knew so well.

By this time, the girls had caused such a comotion that the other beach-goers were starting to investigate what was going on. One by one the people began to realize what super star was in their midst, and began crowding around the car. But this made Riot neverous, especially being here without Minx and Rapture. He missed them and was anxious to join forces once again. He proceeded to kiss the girls cheeks and thank them for their kindness, and then tried driving his way out of the crowded strip. People were extending their hands into the car, and Riot tried to shake as many of them as he could before speeding off.

"Oh wow, it's Riot from The Stingers! That guy's tops!", he could hear one guy shout as he left the crowd behind him.

Before long Riot had reached the city streets of Los Angeles. He picked up the phone once more and dialed Eric. He was a bit nervous calling him so nonchalantly after leaving without a word, but he had to get away from everything for a little while. The concerts, the fans, the constant demand of a second (just as successful as the first) album, the rejection from her... life was getting to be a bit over-whelming, and he needed to leave to clear his mind. He had no intension of leaving any of it behind, but just needed some clear time and space to think and sort everything out. The phone rang and he hoped he could pick up where he left off. The phone rang once more, then he heard someone pick up on the other end...


[OOC: Sorry it took me so long to write something for Riot, I wanted to be sure I could write a proper entrance for a member that never got the chance to make an appearance here..  :)]

Current Mood: extatic
Rich: Jemshenlo on August 9th, 2011 01:19 am (UTC)
"Eric Raymond here" crackled the voice on the other end of the line. "Congratulations, you got me. This better be worth my time. What do you want?"
PetitLolita3: Riotpetitlolita3 on August 9th, 2011 03:10 am (UTC)
Riot's throat tightened. He hadn't put any thought into what he would say to Eric when he managed to return from his month long soul-searching hiatus. Not only had he disappeared without a trace, not saying a word to Eric, but he also abandoned Rapture and Minx on stage. He knew it was a selfish jesture now, but it hadn't crossed his mind then.

But what he feared more than a tounge lashing from Eric was how Rapture and Minx would react once they knew he was back. Would they hold resentment toward him and decide not to join forces again? Or would they be over-joyed that he had returned and was safe? Would they care that the entire experience inspired a brand new direction for their album?

He swallowed hard, then answered the fuming voice on the other end.

"Hello Eric, I'm back in town," He took in a quick breath, "But before you rip me a new one, I would just like to say that I am sorry. I know I had no right to vanish like that..but the pressure was beginning to be too much." He felt a slight twinge in the pit of his stomache as he remembered that night one month ago. In the time he'd been gone, he tried to erase the emotionally treaturous moment, but it was all coming back to him now.

"I should not have run away, but I..." He paused. "I'd like to come back and finish the second album with Minx and Rapture." He couldn't believe he was asking permission to play with his own band, but he knew he had to put his arrogance aside.

"Is that..", He stammered, "Is that okay?"
Rich: Jemshenlo on August 9th, 2011 10:02 am (UTC)
There was a brief pause before Eric replied. Was it a carefully calculated dramatic pause to increase Riot's squirm factor? Or was it genuine surprise? "Well well well. The prodigal son returns. Like a knight in shining armour on your bright white stallion you've decided to appear out of the mists of Avalon to rescue us from the darkness of chaos. A chaos of your own making, it should be noted."

Eric's voice changed from silky sarcasm to a hard-edge rebuke. "What did you think the music world would just shudder to a stop in your absence? The financing for your glorious second album contract was cancelled, dumbass. If you want to try again we've got to start from scratch. It's a good thing for you people still listen to your drivel so if you grovel enough you just might be able to convince Minx and Rapture to consider working with you one more time.

"I've got a business to run you know. This isn't a vacation resort you can check in and check out of when you feel like it!"
PetitLolita3: Riotpetitlolita3 on August 11th, 2011 03:43 am (UTC)
Eric was right. But why should he have to grovel at his feet to make him richer? Riot felt some of his old self seeping back into his lungs in a fervor of buried animosity. There was a reason Eric hadn’t immediately hung up in his face. And he imagined that reason was probably because he hadn’t been desperate enough to sign The Misfits again. Or maybe he was keeping him on the phone long enough to propose a deal. Whichever the case, Riot’s new-found harmonious awakening hadn’t lasted long, and it was no surprise Eric could stomp that out of him in an instant.

Swallowing the bile that began to creep up, Riot managed a few words of remorse but maintained a level head. “You need my help,” he asserted, “without me, you would not have the fan base you so desired. Unlike the trouble-making goons The Misfits attracted,” He chuckled, “My fans make you money, and lots of it.”

It felt good to be in his cavalier shoes again. But it was a fine line for him to walk right now. Especially with what was at stake. And at this point he was still in the dark of how Rapture and Minx felt about the entire ordeal.

“I’m not far from the studio. Let us meet there, in say, twenty minutes?”
Rich: Jemshenlo on August 13th, 2011 12:28 am (UTC)
Eric gave a sigh and considered carefully. Riot didn't know that he had plans for a whole new gig that would not only make him a ton of money, but would lay waste to the Holograms and the Misfits in one fell swoop. Would probably even outclass the Stingers if all went according to plan.
But it would be a slow build up and he did need something to take the edge off the debts for the time being. Putting the Stingers back into action could fill a gap. As long as Riot could keep a lid on his adolescent angst.

"Okay, twenty minutes. But make it quick and worth the effort." he hung up and grabbed his coat, shaking his head as he left his office.
PetitLolita3: Riotpetitlolita3 on August 14th, 2011 10:35 pm (UTC)
His brakes made a slight squeak as he pulled to a stop in front of Stingers Sound. Sliding off his sunglasses, Riot made a little sigh as he gazed at the sign to the studio. Could Minx and Rapture be here? The thought caused his heart to flutter a bit. He missed his girls, and he hoped he hadn't caused too much damage to their relationship. But he needed to do what had to be done. If that meant cutting off all contact with the people closest to his heart in order to keep sane, then he'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Riot opened the door and slid a slender leg out of his vehicle and exhaled. Once out, he leaned against the door for a moment, hands in his pockets. Just then something out of his line of vision caught his attention. He jerked his head around just in time to see a shaded figure dart from view. He peered into one of the building's upper windows, hoping the figure would make another appearance, hoping he could get a better look this time. But he peered in vain.

The sound of another car pulling up behind him snapped him out of his concentration. He knew the sound of that engine. It was Eric, and it was time to get down to business.
Rich: Jemshenlo on August 18th, 2011 12:44 am (UTC)
Eric stepped out of his car and paused to straighten his jacket and tie. He took his time fastening the top button and, tucking his hands into his pants pockets, he stepped closer to Riot. One look at him told him that something was different. Something had broken the big blond buffoon, he noted. This was not the arrogant, confident giant of a man that had taken the town by storm. Perhaps he'd been mooning after Jem long enough for some of her sappy altruistic nature to rub off on him. He probably didn't have the stones to make it in this business anymore.

Ah, Eric didn't care. He was just stringing the punk along until he could buy him back out of the studio again anyway. And this new act would be the ticket. If only things came together as he needed them to....

"Okay, Riot. I'm here." Eric said with a smooth calmness. "So tell me. Why should I take you back?" He glanced at his watch.
PetitLolita3: Riotpetitlolita3 on August 23rd, 2011 01:47 am (UTC)
Turning to face Eric, Riot smiled and offered a modest greeting.

"Hello Eric," be begin, "I know you are probably pretty upset with me for skipping town without a word, and I can not ask you to understand my reasoning," Riot ran a hand through his hair nervously. Riot shifted his weight onto one leg, lifting a hand to his chest. “I had to do what I needed in order to not put on a dreadful show. If I would have stayed and continued with the concert, we may have been boo’d off the stage, destroying whatever reputation we have with our public.”

Riot paused, hoping Eric would interject at any moment, but it seemed he already made up his mind. He doubted any amount of pleading would go far in Eric’s book, but he continued on. “So not only did I leave for the sake of my sanity, but for the credibility of The Stingers’ music and of yours, the owner of Stingers Sound.”

Riot began to imagine what happened the night after his cowardice action. How long had they kept the audience waiting before canceling the show? What was Minx’s reaction? If anyone would have taken the it hard, it would have been her. He thought. He kicked himself, remembering how the stage was set special for that evening, the instruments tweaked to perfection. He shifted his weight to the other leg and changed the subject ,“How are my girls? Were they greatly upset once they realized I had left them stranded on stage?”

All he wanted was to feel needed. It’s easy convincing the world that you’re the most perfect face on the planet. But to convince yourself? Riot looked down at the cracked pavement., knowing that he probably had no chance at this point. “Whatever I can do to put myself back on top, I will do it. And I swear I will make you the most respected man in Los Angeles.”
Rich: Jemshenlo on August 23rd, 2011 02:13 am (UTC)
Wait a minute, thought Eric, maybe I'm onto something here. Not only do I have the Stingers by the genitals but I've got their number one face-man in a totally submissive state. Riot looked desperate just to be employed, forget all his arrogance before.

Raymond made a big show of turning his back on Riot and rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "I don't know, Riot. You left us all in the lurch. Stingers Sound never recovered from that humiliation, not completely. I tried to keep things going but what with you being co-owner of the studio and gone AWOL, my hands were tied.

"Mink and Rapture were completely humiliated. They haven't made a public appearance since. I have contact information for them, but you might want to let me run messages until we see how they feel about you're return. But if my last visit was anything to go by, I wouldn't expect a return of the Stingers anytime soon."

Eric calculated a few seconds pause for dramatic effect before slowly turning around with a raised eyebrow. "That being said, I've always had the greatest respect for your talent, Riot. We might be able to reinvent you. Perhaps you should go solo for a bit until things cool off. Then once you're reestablished maybe we can gather you another band....I may even have something in the works already..."

He smiled almost sympathetically. "What do you say, Riot? There will be conditions, of course. I can't risk you disappearing on me again without full control of my own affairs. I'd need to buy back your half of the studio. Then you could concentrate on your art and I'd have a better sense of security."
PetitLolita3: Riotpetitlolita3 on August 23rd, 2011 03:12 am (UTC)
Eric was right. He was quite desperate at this point, but he didn’t feel right signing over his half of the company so easily. If he didn’t have half of Stingers Sound, he pretty much didn’t have anything at all. He was silent for a moment, trying to find the right words to say next.

“You have another band in the works? I’ve been gone for a mere 30 days and you have managed to replace The Stingers already??” Riot felt a fury building in his chest, but remembered he was dealing with the most cold-blooded man he’d ever known. He also remember it was his own fault for putting Eric in this position in the first place. He took a deep breath then said calmly, “As I said before, I would do anything I can to make this right. But I will not sell you my half of the company.” Riot took a step closer to Eric. “But please understand it is not personal. I want to be able to help you in any way I can to bring Stingers Sound back to the top. And keeping my half of the company will allow me to do this to my best abilities. “However,” he started, “I can sell you my assets to help fill the gap I initially caused. And we can go from there.”
Rich: Jemshenlo on September 19th, 2011 01:56 am (UTC)
Eric pursed his lips. Okay, so he wasn't quite as easy to persuade as that. Well, maybe it just needed a bit more coaxing. "Riot, you're a millstone, not a help. It would be a lot easier if you would forget your delusions of business know how and concentrate on not failing as a rock star. I don't sit with you and write your songs, do I? You put me in a difficult place and I don't want a repeat of that.

"And no, I didn't form another band to replace you. It's a business, Riot. The idea of the studio is to manage BANDS. We handled the Misfits, we used to handle the Stingers. I thought a new band would help make ends meet but you pulled the carpet out from under me and ruined all my plans.

"Anyway, THEY are none of your concern. Why don't you go home, have a drink, think about what you want to do with your career and get back to me. I've got work to do."
Sorry I took so long. I got busy with stuff.