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it's showtime synergy!

a post series rpg.

Show time Synergy
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A community role playing the lives of Jem characters
it's showtime synergy;
Welcome to Showtime Synergy, a Jem and the Holograms RPG. You don't need to make your character journals; all posts will be made at the RPG journal and players will reply to posts there to continue a scene in comments. You can have icons for your character(s) if you like. Posting should be at least every two weeks and once a day/once every two days if there's a currently-moving thread that you're actively involved in. If a player is going out of town for a week, or having exams, or whatever - you say you're taking a leave of absence for however long you need, and let other people write around you or move your character a little if necessary. That way no-one has to play when they don't have time, and no-one else gets stuck waiting. We ask that all players be thirteen year of age or older, so we are in line with LJ's TOS.

the community rules

one. The maximum number of canon Jem characters a player is allowed to have is three. You may have as many OCs as you like.

Two. This game is rated PG, so please nothing too violent or explicit. The characters are allowed to be in some danger and get hurt, but no losing a limb or anything. Romance is fine, but we don’t need to know what’s going on in the bedroom.

Three.If you would like to use another player’s character for a scene, ask the player first. we don't want to see godmodding going around.

Four When posting, tell us where the character is (the post subject line is good for that). Is the scene taking place at Starlight music? If so, where in Starlight music? Jerrica’s office, an elevator, the ladies' bathroom?

Five You must post some with in a week after joining.

Six. Remember that some characters don’t know about other characters like Techrat. So we don't want to see characters interacting with one another and drawing on ooc knowledge. Also this take place in the 1980's so no iPods, DVDs or anything not invented in the 80's.

Seven. Oh and one more thing! Posts shouldn't be just lines of dialogue or one liners. we'd like to see detailed posts written in 3rd point of view.

our game synopsis;
Jem and co. reunite Banee with her long-lost father, and have a going away party for her. Jem and Pizzazz form a truce. Now it’s a few days later. Jem/Jerrica still hasn’t told Rio the truth. She’s wondering when Jem and Holograms should start recording a new album, but she has a bigger problem when she finds a small bag of marijuana hidden under a flower pot at Starlight mansion. She thinks it might belong to Laura Holloway who has had drug problems in the past.

Shana and Anthony are thinking about getting married, but Shana isn’t sure she ready and she’s wondering if she and Anthony do get married should he be told the truth about Jem and meet Synergy?

Aja gets a happy surprise when Craig returns and announces that he’s going to stay, but she is shocked when Craig asks her to live with him. Kimber still can’t choose between Sean and Jeff and is not sure that she even wants be with ether one of them anymore. Raya, wishing she had a little romance in her life agrees to go out on a blind date with a son of one of her mother’s friends who’s a really big fan of hers, but he turns out to be too big a fan and starts to stalk her.

Rio, like Kimber, still can’t choose between Jerrica and Jem ether. He wants to be with both of them, but knows he can’t so he brakes up with Jerrica . He also wants to find out what Jerrica is keeping from him. He’ll do what ever it takes to find out, like snooping at Starlight Mansion, while Jerrica and the Holograms are away at the spa. Danse, inspired by Banee finding her long lost father, is determined to find her own long lost mother.

The Misfits feeling that Eric Raymond and Stingers Sound isn’t handling them well, decide to fire Eric and buy out their contract. Stormer tries to persuade the group to sign up with Starlight music, now that their feud with Jem and Holograms is over. Riot continues to go after Jem, Minx is still going after Rio, and Rapture, bored, challenges Astral to another magical showdown. The Starlight girls adjusted to Banee not living with them any more, but Banee realizes that living with her father isn’t as fun as she thought it would be.

Phew; that’s a lot going on! I hope you like what I thought up. If you'd like your character(s) to do something different, PM me and I'll change it.
the characters


• JERRICA BENTON/JEM - played by orange_pearl542

• AJA - played by rabby

• KIMBER BENTON - played by rabby

• SHANA - temp played by rose_red5

• RAYA - played by rose_red5


• JETTA - played by ladyrose01

• PIZZAZZ - played by fullmetal_cute

• STORMER - played by wistful_blue

• ROXY - played by petitlolita3


• RIOT - played by petitlolita3

• MINX - currently open

• RAPTURE - currently open


• THORN - played by orange_pearl542

• RUBY - played by sa5mtastic

• DESTINY - currently open


• ANNE - currently open

• ASHLEY - currently open

• BECKY - currently open

• DEIRDEE - currently open

• DELAREE - currently open

• JOELLEN - currently open

• KRISSIE - currently open

• LAURA HOLLOWAY - currently open

• LELA - currently open

• MARIANNE - currently open

• NANCY - currently open

• TERRI - currently open


• ANTHONY JULIAN - currently open

• ASTRAL (MAGICIAN) - currently open



• BANEE (FORMER STARLIGHT GIRL) - currently open

• VIDEO - currently open

• CISCO - currently open

• CRAIG PHILLIPS - currently open


• DANSE - currently open

• HOWARD SANDS - currently open

• JEFF WRIGHT - currently open

• LINDSEY PEIRCE- currently open

• REGINE (FASHION DEISGNER) - currently open

• RIO PACHECO - played by sa5mtastic

• SEAN HARRISON - currently open

• SYNERGY - played by rose_red5


• ERIC RAYMOND - currently open

• HARVEY GABOR - currently open

• TECH RAT - played by fullmetal_cute

• ZIPPER - currently open

• CLASH - currently open

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